Draft beer data from Cinco de Mayo 2019 (by BeerBoard)

Cincinnati OH, May 7, 2019 — BeerBoard, the leader in real-time data, insights and consumer engagement for the hospitality industry, recently released its 2019 Cinco de Mayo Report, a review of insights and performance data for draft beer on the day. This annual report shows Cinco de Mayo has a direct impact on bars, brewers […]

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American-style India Pale Lager among four new additions to the 2019 Beer Style Guidelines

Cincinnati OH, May 6, 2019 — The 2019 Beer Style Guidelines released last week by the Brewers Association includes over 1,000 edits, revisions, formatting changes and general housekeeping updates, as well as the addition, deletion and combination of several beer style guidelines made for brevity.

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Opening on a Two-Barrel System — Will it Work?

San Francisco CA, May 5, 2019 — The pace of new brewery openings is still roaring with at least 1,049 new brewery openings in 2018, according to the Brewers Association. Many of these new openings are small. Very small. Like two barrel system small. This allows people who want to dive into the industry to […]

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Federal Excise Tax Could Double for Brewers at End of Year

San Francisco CA, May 3, 2019 — The 2017 Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA), which provided tax breaks for producers in the alcohol industry will sunset at the end of this year unless Congress votes to approve legislation to extend or make the reduced tax structure permanent.

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The Mash-Up: Themed releases for Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars Day

St. Paul MN, May 3, 2019 — Whatever you celebrate, there is something for you this weekend. Catch Cinco de Mayo celebrations at La Doña Cervecería, FINNEGANS, Waconia Brewing Co., and several other breweries around the state, or on the same day enjoy beer history with The Blessing of the Maibock at Town Hall. For […]

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Canadian Craft Brewers Association Announces Formation

Toronto ON, May 3, 2019 — A new organization representing more than 700 craft breweries from across Canada was announced today at the Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference in Toronto.

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Why you love coffee and beer

Rockville MD, May 2, 2019 — Why do you swig bitter, dark roast coffee while your coworker guzzles sweet cola? Scientists searched for variations in our taste genes that could explain our beverage preferences, because understanding those preferences could indicate ways to intervene in people’s diets. But to scientists’ surprise, the study showed taste preferences […]

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Guest Editorial — A.D.D. — Alcohol Deficit Disorder

San Francisco CA, May 1, 2019 — We’re all to blame. Me, you, the brewer, the craft beer bar — we’re all guilty and we know it. Production realized volume would move fast, sales saw dollar signs, but none of us could foresee how far this trend would go. Most of us lived through the […]

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The Megabrew Corn Syrup Conundrum

Are transformed ingredients still ingredients?
Cincinnati OH, May 1, 2019 — With this simple advertising taunt featured during the 2019 Superbowl — “Miller Lite uses corn syrup” — Anheuser-Busch has wound up on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by MillerCoors over the use of corn syrup as a brewing adjunct. While millions of television […]

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Government of Canada Announces Changes to National Beer Standards

Ottawa ON, May 1, 2019 — Nearly five years after first being proposed, the Government of Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have announced the implementation of new compositional standards for beer in Canada.

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