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What software do I need?

BeerRun works in your browser. Our user interface runs in HTML5, which is “mobile responsive” — so it automatically optimizes how it renders in different browsers, devices and operating systems. Chrome is a good choice.

We also install a small Sync Engine that integrates BeerRun with your accounting software (QuickBooks or Xero).

What hardware do I need?

All you need is a device with 2-4 gigabytes of RAM and internet access.

Can I get a trial version?

No, but you can take BeerRun for a test drive. After we’ve done a demo, we’ll switch to your PC and get you up and running on the same demo file. We guide you on how to test it from end-to-end: adding ingredients, creating beers, brewing, packing and shipping, buying items, selling finished goods, filing taxes and more.

Which version of QuickBooks do you recommend for BeerRun?

We sync with QB Online, Pro, Premier and Enterprise; but not QB for Macintosh (see #9). Most of our clients use Online or Pro because we have overcome QB’s limitations and reduced it to its basic functions: receiving/cutting checks and generic business activities (see #15).

BeerRun is a native app on QuickBooks Online Plus. When using QuickBooks Online, you’ll need the Plus version.

Can you work with hosted software?


Can you work with the 2006 and later editions of QuickBooks?


How many QuickBooks licenses will I need?

Two: one for your team and one for the BeerRun Sync Engine.

What if I already use QuickBooks Enterprise?

We’ll sync with it if you have it already, but it’s not needed. QB Online, Pro or Premier can do the job.

Why doesn’t QuickBooks for Mac work with BeerRun?

There is no SDK. Intuit has decided to keep this version hermetically sealed. Go figure!

What about the Advanced Inventory add-on for QuickBooks?

It’s not needed at all. QuickBooks has no items left because they are all in BeerRun. The inventory is arrived at through a Journal Entry that posts only value, not quantity.

Does BeerRun post inventory to my QuickBooks file?

No. BeerRun only posts bills and invoices. You can run the BeerRun>Inventory valuation report as of a particular date and post a Journal Entry Dr. Inventory Cr. COGS.

Can I invoice customers from BeerRun?

Yes, you can invoice from BeerRun and email with a single click. Some clients prefer to sync and invoice from QuickBooks, but not for long. They stop when they realize how easy it is in BeerRun.

What BeerRun-related functions will my team need to perform in QuickBooks?

Only post a Journal Entry to adjust Inventory Cr. COGS for the changes since the last Journal Entry.

Do you integrate with other accounting software?

Yes. We are agnostic. Our sync engine is a Rosetta Stone that translates from our format to that of the accounting software, and posts data according to the rules set by your software through its API (Application Programming Interface).

What will I be using my accounting software for?

To receive A/R payments (for invoices already entered), to pay A/P bills (for brewhouse-related bills already entered), and to process the usual non-brewery-specific business activities (payroll, rent, bank reconciliation, financial reports etc).

What’s involved in go-live/implementation and how long does it take?

A couple hours for you to populate the data in our .xls set-up template. Once that’s done, we can bring you live the next day.

How can you implement so quickly?

Because we’re working with your existing accounting software! Why replace something that works when we can solve its shortcomings? We built BeerRun from the ground up to think like brewers and owners, not accountants. It is a specialty tool, not a Swiss army knife. You just need to enter your tanks, ingredients, beers and recipes — and you can brew your first batch.

How is BeerRun so fast?

Because it is linear and does not loop. Our database has almost no normalization (i.e. no joins).

How frequently do you take back-ups?

Daily back-ups are captured even if you don’t use BeerRun, e.g. on weekends.

Why use a web-hosted/SaaS platform (the cloud) instead of on-premise?

The cloud is integral to BeerRun’s functionality. It gives mobile access and real-time info to your entire team, from brew crew to sales to back office. So everyone can do their thing from virtually any working computer anywhere with up-to-the-minute data.

Cloud solutions are also subscription by nature — and most customers prefer small monthly fees over a lump-sum investment.

Do you install on in-house servers?

We could, although it would need a pretty big server and an additional maintenance contract to keep it updated. But why bother? It’s like spending on a small jet when we have an airline, flying your way whenever you want!

When is the best time to start using BeerRun if I file my BRO with TTB quarterly?

There is no single best time. The first tax return will be filed manually regardless, so any date is good to start. BeerRun will provide enough data to file the first report manually and then automate it going forward.

If you’re purchasing/managing inventory — and spreadsheets are getting out of control — your brewery is ready for BeerRun!

How should we handle taproom sales?

Create a regular invoice in BeerRun so your profit reports are accurate; and in Advanced>Sync, select “Do Not Sync”.

Does BeerRun display Ingredient Forecasts by period?

Yes. In View>Ingredient Forecast, you can see all batches “stacked”. Click on the 1 week button to see everything you need in the next one week. Or use the filter for any date range.

How does BeerRun’s Profit report differ from the one generated in QuickBooks?

It’s focused only on beer profits and excise tax payments. Your income tax to the IRS is based on GAAP-compliant profit (which factors depreciation, payroll, utilities etc).

Will my Point-of-Sale system integrate with BeerRun?

No. Your POS only needs to integrate with accounting. Breweries pay excise when transferring (read: selling) beer to their tap room. There is no need to integrate the final point of dispensation with BeerRun.

How does the system handle beer being aged in wooden barrels?

Add the barrels under Settings>Tanks as conditioning tanks, and then package when done.

If I use second- or third-generation yeast for a brew session, how to I keep BeerRun from removing it from inventory?

Some breweries expense yeast. Others average out consumption per BBL.

If we have not yet set up the QB sync, but we create invoices through BeerRun, will those invoices eventually sync everything in BR invoice history once it is set up?


We are a Mac house and use AccountEdge (MYOB). Can BeerRun integrate with MYOB or should we plan on moving to Quickbooks?

MYOB does not have an SDK. Migrating to QuickBooks Online Plus is the best approach. We will help with the migration as part of our set-up services, so it’s included.

Can I use KegMaster on a Macintosh?


How does BeerRun handle inventory with QuickBooks having fixed builds for recipes?

This is a non-issue. BeerRun completely takes over the inventory function, and does not use QB’s Build Assembly function. [QB suffers from the fact that brewers cannot change recipes to reflect reality, and it cannot accommodate this temporary change!]

For KegMaster, can I use my iPhone/iPad on-board scanner instead of attaching a USB scanner to a laptop?

Better still, you can use the camera.

Is there integration with an iPod touch so we don’t have to issue iPhones to our employees?

Yes, using wifi and the built-in iSight camera.

Does the credit memo get applied to a new invoice for the same customer automatically in QuickBooks, or do we apply that credit to a future invoice?

It’s a QuickBooks process: When receiving payment, click on Discounts & Credits.

Is there a ‘lite’ version of BeerRun for start-up breweries?