BeerRun’s extended functions are fully integrated


This is an iPad-native app that enables clients to run brewhouse operations with a portable touchscreen interface. Go paperless!

Distributor Portal

This module enables third-party distributors to place their orders via an E-store shopping cart — so you can grow without adding employees. There is no need for an inside sales staff to answer phones, receive faxes/emails, manually enter orders into BeerRun or send confirmations.


an electronic funds-transfer system for alcoholic beverage sales that’s much more affordable to use than American Express or other merchant processors.


an automatic way to factor your overhead into the cost of your finished beer for accurate balance sheet inventory costs.


the best way for you to keep on top of production through a range of forecasting options. Forecast by beer type, revenue, packaging needs, BBL and case equivalents. Compare actuals to forecasts to help you see what works best for your brewery.


Loss or theft of kegs is a big problem that boils down to logistics and economics. They’re easy targets because they can be lost or stolen at many points in the supply chain; and their secondary market value is higher than the deposit you collect, but lower than your cost. Megabreweries can afford RFID technology to solve this problem, but microbreweries need a solution that’s more cost-effective.

Multi-State TTB Reporting

For clients who own multiple breweries, we install BeerRun at each site; and develop a custom Sync Engine Switch to post transactions from all sites to a single QuickBooks file as multiple classes (or in different QuickBooks files in HQ).