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  • The Documents tab shows you all PDFs created throughout BeerRun and is your filing cabinet in the cloud.
  • B/Status shows you the current status of all batches that have been planned but not yet packed.
  • The Fermentation Gantt chart is a visual indicator of all Fermentation tanks and what batches have been planned over the course of the current month, and next/previous months.
  • In Ingredient Forecast, all planned batches are stacked so you can see how much of each ingredient is needed over the next 1 week (or 2, 3, 4) or within any time range.
  • Packing Calendar gives you a date-wise schedule for your packing crew.
  • FG Inventory shows you all Finished Goods Inventory; click on history to view all additions due to packing, subtractions due to shipments and drill down to the underlying pdf. You can also make adjustments.
  • In the Items tab, you can see Ingredients, Packaging items, Merchandise and Finished Goods. You can edit their names, Units of measure, default vendor, reorder points and reorder quantities.
  • The Physical Count tab enables you to view Inventory as of a particular day, export to .xls (to enable physical counts) and enter the new physical count in a single window.
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