The Mash-Up: Days are getting shorter, beer is getting darker

St. Paul MN, Dec. 14, 2018 — As the days have gotten shorter, the beers have gotten darker and heavier. While there are plenty of barrel-aged and imperial releases this week, there are also lighter options that are still in tune with the winter season. Several breweries have unveiled new spiced versions of lineup staples, […]

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TTB Proposes Modernizing Labeling and Advertising Regulations

Boulder CO, Dec. 13, 2018 — The Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has announced the publication of a rulemaking document (Notice No. 176) which would update, simplify, and clarify the labeling and advertising regulations for wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages. According to TTB, when finalized, these updated regulations “will facilitate industry compliance by simplifying […]

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Sober Employment: Creating An Alcohol Use Policy

Allowing alcohol consumption on the job or in a workplace creates potential liability for any business, but it’s hard in the world of brewing, and that risk comes with the territory. Safeguard your business and employees by creating an alcohol-use policy.
Fort Collins CO, Dec. 12, 2018 — Imagine, as a brewery owner or manager, you […]

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Wilmington Breweries Worry About the Future After Hurricane Florence

Boulder CO, Dec. 12, 2018 — Major media outlets are quick to report on the devastating effects of a natural disaster and then move onto the next big story. In the case of Hurricane Florence, which brought historic rain to North Carolina in early September, that next big story took place a month later when […]

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Brewery Openings on the Rise in Major U.S. Population Centers, BA Reports

Watertown MA, Dec. 12, 2018 — U.S. cities with populations in excess of 5 million have seen the most percentage growth of brewery openings in the past five years, according to Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson.

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BA Releases Craft Beer in 2018 Headlines (Infographic)

Boulder CO, Dec. 11, 2018 — When you look at craft beer in 2018, the year will be remembered for hazy juicy beer styles and the sheer number of operating breweries reaching a new milestone. The headlines come from an end-of-year news release from the Brewers Association (BA), the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small […]

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Behind the Scenes on 2018 and the Independent Craft Brewer Seal

Boulder CO, Dec. 11, 2018 — Way back in 2017 when the Brewers Association (BA) launched the independent craft brewer seal, 432 U.S. craft brewing companies signed up to use the new certified mark on the very first day. As of December 3, 2018 more than 4,000 craft breweries, and counting, have signed on to […]

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Brewers Association shares some interesting beer stats for 2018 in this cool infographic

Cincinnati OH, Dec. 11, 2018 — Earlier today, the Brewers Association — the trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers — looked back on the craft brewing community’s contributions, highlights and defining beer moments of the past year with a cool infographic. I thought, hey, I’ll post that infographic. To go with it, […]

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Brewery Growth is Both Urban and Rural

Boulder CO, Dec. 10, 2018 — As the number of farm and rural breweries has grown, I’ve recently gotten several inquiries about whether rural breweries have increased in popularity in recent years. In absolute terms, the answer is an unqualified yes, but that answer is fairly unsatisfying, since breweries have simply increased everywhere. So prompted […]

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Make Your Best: How to Brew Any Style Well

In this final installment of MYB, Josh Weikert outlines the keys to brewing any and every beer style well.
Fort Collins CO, Dec. 9, 2018 — More than 150 times now I’ve sat down to share some stories, recipes, tips, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts as part of this “Make Your Best” series. But even the best […]

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