Distributor Portal & Integrated Shipping

The Distributor Portal is an extension to BeerRun’s built-in sales functionality. It enables your third-party distributors to place their orders online through a user-friendly E-store:

  • Simple 2-button web interface
  • Enable your distributors to place orders
  • Use a browser on your PC or your iPad, iPhone or Android
  • Governed by the rules you set
  • Distributors can edit their own orders until confirmed
  • Receive automated notifications when order is:
    • Received
    • Edited
    • Confirmed
    • Shipped
    • Invoiced
  • View history of orders and invoices
  • Reduce busy work and clerical overhead
  • Eliminate confusion, emails, faxes and phone calls

Give your Distributors great flexibility without burdening your sales staff with change requests. You get forecasting from the people who know: Distributors in the field.

  • Automated emails notify you when an order is received and when it is confirmed
  • Distributors can look up their order and invoice history; and continue to modify pending orders
  • You set the rules for quantity, who can order what, and ship dates
  • Place/remove credit hold
  • Add images for merchandise (e.g. tap handles, t-shirts)
  • Edit scripts for auto-notifications
  • View pending orders
  • Edit orders
  • Confirm orders (which flow into Production Planning); allocate to batches in production and ship with a single click
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Distributor Portal differ from the Sales module?
It is the difference between an Amazon-style shopping cart and maintaining in-house staff to answer the phone, receive faxes and emails, enter data into BeerRun and send emails. The Distributor Portal enables you to grow without adding employees.

Distributor Portal | BeerRun

2. What does the Distributor Portal give my customers that the Sales module does not?

  • Control
  • Ability to place an order and keep modifying it till the last minute, enabling them to plan ahead and share their plan with you
  • Images of merchandise
  • Customer-specific price lists

3. What does the Distributor Portal give me that the Sales Module does not?

  • Forecasts from the horse’s mouth: they share their plans knowing they can change it
  • Avoid email blasts to update price lists
  • Credit holds so customers cannot place new orders until they’ve made payment
  • Make visible those beers that a particular distributor is eligible to buy
  • Hide products that you want people to stop ordering

4. Do I need to give all my customers access to the Distributor Portal?
No. Only high-volume distributors where the 80:20 rule applies (i.e. those 20% of your customers who buy 80% of your product). They fly first class — without your adding white-gloved butlers!