BeerRun: Tax Reporting

With a single click, produce each Federal Excise report, Report of Operations and State/Provincial report with full supporting documentation; and print or upload:

  • Captured on the fly; no button to be pressed
  • Automatically computes Excise based on invoices (for production breweries) or fermentation (for brewpubs)
  • Select payment method and auto-compile Excise tax return; print or upload to TTB at
  • Auto-compile Brewer’s/Brewpub Report of Operations (monthly or quarterly); print or upload to TTB at
  • Manual updates (beer received and transferred)
  • View all Excise payments made
  • Your State report (US) or Provincial report (Canada) is included as standard functionality; additional reports are available
  • View all supporting documentation at any time in PDF format

Check out the top ten reasons to use BeerRun — and download our white paper on Making the Move to Brewery Management Software. It’s loaded with useful ideas, including a ‘due diligence’ checklist that’s a terrific resource for evaluating and implementing any business management solution. Contact us for more info!


What Our Partners & Customers Are Saying

BeerRun software manages the process from purchasing ingredients to TTB reporting, allowing brewers to spend less time moving paperwork, and more time doing what they love…making beer. The business intelligence reporting of costs, sales, and production schedules is invaluable to any business owner.”

— Lynda Nance
Development Strategist, Brewers Professional Alliance

BeerRun has been a game changer for our brewery. Since 1996, we had managed our brewery data with multiple excel spreadsheets. No more! BeerRun is streamlined and gives us a real-time view of our brewing operations. TTB reporting has never been easier.”

— Rich Weber
Co-Founder & President, Sierra Blanca Brewing Co.