Fintech Functionality

Fintech is an Electronic Funds Transfer system for alcoholic beverage sales. They charge a very low fee per transaction as well as a small monthly fee. Fintech provides each customer with a unique 6-digit code.

In BeerRun, once you have created a Sales Order, B/L and an Invoice, you can now use the Fintech functionality:

Admin > Setting > Setup

  • Enter the 6-digit Ref #/Division ID (this is the Brewery’s ID # within Fintech and is supplied by them).
  • Log out and then log back in for the # to be activated.

Sales > Customer

  • Turn on Fintech for each customer that will be using them for payment.
  • Go to Reports > Fintech > Reports and you will see all the invoices for that company.

Reports > Fintech > Items

  • Edit to input all item #s for each FG (these will correspond to the same # in Fintech).
  • The brewery produces this # for each FG and submits to Fintech for approval (needs to be unique to you).

Reports > Fintech > Customers

  • Edit to input Vendor/Store ID (Fintech will give the vendor this # just as they give you a 6-digit Ref/Division #).

Once this is completed, the Fintech report will be fully populated. In order for Fintech to know that you have made a sale and want to be paid:

  • Export the report to Excel, save it and then upload as an attachment to the Fintech Portal (“Please Process Our Invoices”).
  • The report can then be viewed in History.

Invoices still get pushed to QuickBooks directly from BeerRun. Fintech functionality is simply an avenue for our customers to be able to communicate with them in order to get paid.