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Brewers Climb Capitol Hill to Advocate for Small and Independent Brewers

Boulder CO, May 16, 2019 — 134 brewers, brewery owners, employees, and state guild representatives gathered in Washington, D.C. today to advocate on behalf of the country’s small and independent brewers. The group visited the offices of more than half the United States Congress, logging 398 total visits.

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Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act Reaches Majority Support in Senate, Continues to See Gains in the House

Boulder CO, May 14, 2019 — The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA) reached 50 percent support in the U.S. Senate today, with 51 co-sponsors to date.

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Majority of US Senators Support Permanent Tax Reform for Brewers, Importers

Watertown MA, May. 14, 2019 — A majority of U.S. Senators support making permanent excise tax relief for alcohol producers and importers.

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More brewers and more choice in a fiercely competitive beer market

Ottawa ON, May 13, 2019 — Beer Canada has released its 2018 Industry Trends update. The remarkable growth in the number of breweries in Canada is a clear sign of a vibrant and fiercely competitive domestic beer scene.

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The United States of Spontaneity

Brewers are forging their own paths from the long-traveled spontaneous-fermentation road. Where they will end up is anyone’s guess, but it’s shaping up to be a remarkable journey.
Fort Collins CO, May 11, 2019 — The word “spontaneous” conjures up almost romantic thoughts about beer, hearkening back to the days when the prayer to Ninkasi was […]

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The Mash-Up: German styles and releases for Mother’s Day

St. Paul MN, May 10, 2019 — German-influenced beers like goses, hefeweizens, and maibocks are common among this week’s new releases, alongside milkshake IPAs, fruited American sours, and the return of LSD.

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10 takeaways from the global hop market data pack from the International Hop Growers Convention

Cincinnati OH, May 9, 2019 — The International Hop Growers’ Convention (IHGC) is an event and trade umbrella organization that focuses on helping the global hop industry network of farmers, merchants and other pros succeed and grow. Members come from 20 countries — 12 countries from the European Union, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, […]

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Get Sideways: Brewers Turn to Horizontal Tanks

Lager brewing is technical and unforgiving, but today’s independent brewers are taking up the challenge and employing horizontal lagering tanks, vessels more common in the breweries of the world’s biggest brands, to keep their yeast happy.
Fort Collins CO, May 8, 2019 — The old adage that “brewers make wort, yeast makes beer” undersells the role […]

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Learning Lab: The Foundations of Malt

Base malts are the foundation of beer. It’s worthwhile to have a sense of the trade-offs your extract supplier made. As a bonus, this mini-batch experiment is a good introduction to mashing.
Fort Collins CO, May 7, 2019 — When we say that base malts are the foundation of a beer, we mean that they will […]

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Brewery Employees Share Thoughts for Craft Beer Beginners

Boulder CO, May 7, 2019 — With craft breweries popping up in cities across the nation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the different breweries, styles and bottle release dates. But if you’re new to beer, don’t feel discouraged. I am here to tell you that craft beer has a place for everyone […]

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