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How Many Ways Will You Love BeerRun? Let Us Count.

Livingston NJ, Jun. 25, 2013 — Loving BeerRun is easy. That’s why so many breweries do.
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Craft Brewing: Taming The Spreadsheet Monster

Livingston NJ, Jun. 22, 2013 — BeerRun software is designed to solve a big problem that 90% of Craft Brewers have: They use entry-level accounting software. Basic accounting programs are friendly and affordable, but they’re not designed for the batch processing world or for a regulated industry like brewing. Even when you upgrade to the next […]

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Best Practices In The Craft Brewing Industry

Livingston NJ, Jun. 21, 2013 — In any discipline, there are generally accepted principles and practices. In the Craft Brewing industry, at least four disciplines are foundational:

Overall business management

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Selecting The Right Solution To Support Your Brewery’s Growth

Livingston NJ, Jun. 1, 2013 — When you started your microbrewing business, you probably chose an affordable accounting package that had the basic capabilities you needed. You’re invested in it. You’re familiar with it. And despite its limitations, it may still be working adequately — albeit with a growing pile of spreadsheets and work-arounds. So […]

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Silversun Technologies Offers Cloud Solutions For Craft Breweries

Livingston NJ, May 29, 2013 — Headquartered in Livingston, N.J., SilverSun Technologies can help transform the way your brewery runs using software and cloud-based business management solutions created specifically for the craft brewery industry. The company is already helping a lot of big names grow their brands. Since the beginning of 2013, SWK Technologies Inc. […]

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BeerRun v4.0 Unveiled At The Craft Brewers Conference 2013

Livingston NJ, Apr. 26, 2013 — Last month, SWK’s BeerRun software made its second appearance at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America in Washington D.C. The newest release of BeerRun was unveiled and the response was terrific. Version 4.0 has made BeerRun more functional and intuitive, helping deliver an even better — and more seamless […]

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Check Out The latest Version Of BeerRun Software At The Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo In Washington D.C.

Livingston NJ, Mar. 26, 2013 — SWK’s Craft Brewing solutions team will be showing the latest version of BeerRun software at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America on March 27 & 28 in Washington D.C. Come visit us at Booth #4082 and check out how BeerRun is transforming breweries’ operations around the country — and […]

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How BeerRun Helps Run Your Brewery More Efficiently

Livingston NJ, Mar. 25, 2013 — BeerRun software is the optimal solution for Craft Brewers who want to run their businesses as efficiently and profitably as possible. In previous posts, we gave ten reasons why you will love BeerRun and described its features and functions. Let’s now discuss how it helps solve brewers’ challenges and […]

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What Is BeerRun?

Livingston NJ, Mar. 14, 2013 — BeerRun is the perfect software solution for Craft Brewers who want to run their brewery as efficiently and profitably as possible. In our last post, we offered ten reasons why you will love BeerRun. Now let’s discuss what BeerRun is and how it helps solve brewers’ challenges and concerns.
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10 Reasons To Love BeerRun

Livingston NJ, Mar. 6, 2013 — If your microbrewery produces — or plans to produce — between 1,000 and 50,000 barrels annually, you should not be without BeerRun software. It is a highly intuitive application that enables brewmasters to manage all aspects of their operations. The software automates processes and eliminates the need for manual-entry spreadsheets […]

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