4 Top Differences Between the BEER Act and the BREW Act - BeerRun - Brewery Management Software - SWK Tech (1)Confused about the differences between the two craft-beer Acts currently under Congressional review? 

The handy infographic in the attached article will help you understand the differences between the Small BREW Act and the Fair BEER Act. 

The Brewers Association, ever the champion of craft beer, stands firmly in the Small BREW Act camp because: 

“The BEER Act gives further tax advantages to multinational brewing companies that not only already pay lower rates than purely domestic brewers, but also have cut thousands of U.S. jobs in the past six years and export and shelter their U.S. profits.”  — Bob Pease, CEO, the Brewers Association 

Learn the statistics about job creation, total costs, and tax burdens in the attached article’s clear infographic. 

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Photo licensed by glenngould