SWK’s brewery clients range in size from start-up microbreweries to super-regional breweries producing hundreds of thousands of barrels of beer annually. Our customers leverage a variety of our brewery solutions — including BrewX, BeerRun, BrewPad, KegMaster and our Distributor Portal — to meet their unique business needs. We offer seamless transition within our family of products.

The clients who are most successful working with BeerRun​ software are breweries that produce from 500 up to 250,000 BBL annually.

BeerRun is an intuitive, easy-to-use application that helps Craft Brewers manage their information with a single solution. No more paper and pen, manual-entry spreadsheets or other outdated methods of managing your operations. It integrates seamlessly with popular third-party accounting programs including: QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 50, Sage BusinessWorks and others.

Check out the top ten reasons to use BeerRun and download our white paper on making the move to brewery management software.

If your brewery is an enterprise producing 100,000+ barrels annually  or your business requirements are more complex — consider SWK BrewX for Sage ERP X3. This single-database solution allows midsized breweries to leverage of the power of an Enterprise Resource Planning platform (including CRM, finance, inventory management, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, workflow management and international technology) with integrated Process/Batch Manufacturing:

  • Batch Processing
  • Make to Order
  • Make to Stock
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Product Development
  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Optimization
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